aluminium lugs

    Suppliers, Distributors, and Exporters of Aluminium Tube Terminals as per IS8337 & IS5082

    We Supply, Distribute and Export flawless range and Good quality Aluminium Tube Terminals that are Made using premium quality Aluminium as raw material in the production process.


    Aluminium crimping Terminals / lugs are manufactured out EC grade extrusion tubes drawn to the required sizes having minimum conductivity not less than 60% IACS and as per IS 5082.


    • Material : Electrolytic Aluminum as per IS5082
    • Finish : Polished Aluminum
    • Sizes from 1.5 Sqmm to 1000 Sqmm, with varying bolt sizes.


    • Widely used to terminate cables to distribution boxes and transformers.
    • They are used to terminating any size of cables, electrical switching equipments. where vibration is critical.




    Contact us for more information on Aluminium Tube Terminals or to discuss your requirements. Enquiries are solicited for India, UAE and Africa on following Email id


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