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    Our association with all our principals is on a clear long term relationship & very focused basis. There is no stocking of products.

    The business model is purely representation for products & services with high end users and business generation on a key accounts management basis.

    All project orders are taken up directly in name of our principals with pooled resources and in active co-operation and discussions with our principals.

    We offer our wide experience in marketing, the excellent network of contacts and a professional long term approach to business.
    • We finance our own growth
    • Lead opportunity may take months or years to mature in sales
    • Returns rejects are deducted.
    • Non-payment by customer is deducted.
    • We manage & pay our own staff.
    • We buy our own equipment’s.
    • We handle all personnel expenses & human responsibilities for staff including selection, training, replacement & legal issues etc.
    • Train our own staff for selling skill, negotiating skills etc.
    • On a broader perspective, we eliminate hundreds of small & big risky & costly exposures for all our principals.
    • We are paid on performance not efforts. The arrangement establishes predicable cost of selling.
    • Large order commission rates get reduced to meet competition in line.

    This is an outdated thinking and term used in older times. According to us we are a direct alternative/substitute to direct sales and not an intermediary.

    We are a form of outsourcing the marketing to sales function for all our principals. We are not an additional channel, nor are we middle men which imply added cost. For example dealers & distributors are channel intermediaries, who take title to a product, marks it up and resells it as a service.

    There is another myth that Manufacturers Representative can’t be controlled & are independent businessmen Control is a bad word….. In todays’ time no one likes to be controlled including direct sales people.

    As for us all our principals irrespective of their volume of business through us are our emotional favorite and in reality we are totally interdependent with all our principals and we all exert strong influence with each other.

    In fact our principals appreciate that we think & act as entrepreneur.

    There may be representatives that look for quick financial return and will not invest in long term efforts. But there may be many representatives like us who actually finance and invest dedicated time for long term sale for our principals like…..

    Many Greenfield projects take months or year to develop.

    We hang in there despite the contract period.

    With no guarantee of income if a sale does not happen even if after years of staying engaged with an opportunity.

    Our mutual understanding with all our principals on the issue of adding value is to the- CUSTOMER, through superior and efficient services at greater speed. One of our principals always wants us to be an advocate of the customer to them & that is the added value they expect from us.

    We always feel that we or any of our employees who do not add value to their function will be replaced or the functions we serve offer no added value to the customer or our principals will be eliminated soon.

    • Our only reason for existence is to contribute to the success of all the principals we represent and the customer we handle as key accounts management.
    • We only get paid when we perform.
    • We perform for both the principal & the customer.
    • For our principals we are their sales force, we are their eyes and ear’s in the market place.
    • We are an extension of their image in the market place.
    • For the customer we handle...
    • We always offer the customer an added value
    • When he calls, he needs help and expects it. With us he gets it.
    • We serve as their advocate.
    • We provide exceptional representation, marketing & sales support by working hard for a very select principal base.
    • Exceptional representation is provided through continuous customer contacts, identifying new opportunities, lead generation, follow-up activity, prospecting, trade show support, support customer visits, easy access to customers via email, phone etc.
    • We work directly with principals to maintain and build existing relationships, we also help our principals renew neglected customer relationships.
    • We have a diverse customer data base in many segments of the industry.
    • Our sales territory is on pan India basis & certain specific areas in middle east.
    • We have proven success in identifying markets, strategic thinking, planning & problem solving.
    • Our in-depth knowledge of all phases of business activity, set our performance apart and enable us to offer a genuinely unique talent.
    • We are highly motivated with personal drive & energy.
    • We are creative thinker who are always interested in researching, evaluating & developing new business opportunities for our principals.
    • Offer years of in-depth customer relationship management.
    • Offer more market data like which markets are growing / shrinking, How different customers buy.
    • We adapt to different performance standards with each change of management.
    • We are survivors-despite all forms of adversaries.
    • We are good communicators.
    • We are committed to excellence.
    • We are our own toughest critics.
    • We keep passion for the business.


Aakash Powertech Pvt Ltd. (APPL) is focused on National & International Marketing Of Electric Cables, Motors, Transformers & Cooling Towers.

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