Old enough yet young

    Old Enough Yet Young

    What sounds like a contradiction bears a lot of truth. We are in business from 1953 to the present day, with over 58 years of experience, Carrying business as SRICO (till July 2006); One of the oldest continually performing electrical distributor/ marketing associate in the Indian Electrical industry. In 2006 SRICO group split its business operations and one group announced the new name for its business as AAKASH POWERTECH PVT LTD.

    Same Knowledge
    Same Response
    Same Performance
    Same Experience
    Same Service
    But Different Name

    And you thought we only market electric cable?

    Of course we did start out doing that 6 decades ago. And we are undoubted experts, reliable and efficient resources partners of the electric cable business in the country today. But we have branched out successfully in other directions. In step with times, emerging as a multi product, multi-interest company.

    Aakash Powertech is now a full line manufacturers'' representative of electrical product currently specializing but not limiting to:

    Electric Cables

    Electric Motors


    Lugs & Glands

    Led Lights

    Solar Inverters

    Our ability to offer in time delivery, guaranteed quality products, competitive price, product specialization, immediate response every time is the reason why we have acquired the confidence of hundreds of customer who repeatedly consider us for their electrical product requirements.

    We enjoy a solid relationship with our manufacturers. A sense of shared responsibility, building productive, lasting relationship with our manufacturers is one of the keys to our success. Manufacturers who work with us know that marketing support, advisory and other services tailored to customer needs will be part of the package. The relationship with our manufacturer can work for the most competitive prices in your product needs.


Aakash Powertech Pvt Ltd. (APPL) is focused on National & International Marketing Of Electric Cables, Motors, Transformers & Cooling Towers.

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