The Powertech Way

    The Powertech Way

    We want Powertech Group to be clearly recognized as the symbol of seamless & excellent service in India.

    Our Objectives

    To be perceived by our principals & customers as the most productive, most professional, highest trained & easiest to work with manufacturer's representative. To achieve this we will :

    • Increase the sales and negotiation skills of our people
    • Increase the product knowledge of our people
    • Continue to increase our professionalism
    • Be industry specialist
    • Become measurably quicker at new product introductions
    • Stay on the leading edge for integrated sales and marketing services
    • Continuously monitor to assure that we are fairly allocating our efforts to each manufacturers products' sales and promotion


    Satisfied customers are our future and we are judged by how well we :

    • Exceed our customers' expectations through listening and understanding
    • Earn our customers loyalty and trust through honesty and courtesy
    • Commit to the highest standards in quality of customer care, timely delivery and pre & post sales service
    • Become the customers first choice each and every time because of our passion for excellence
    • Anticipate and respond to customer needs

    Business Partners

    Manufacturers require a competent & dedicated representative to assist in developing & long term retaining of major key account customers in the industrial segments where their products find applications, Powertech group does just that. With our state of art customer management program & our highly skilled staff we provide highest level of quality service and dedication that any manufacturer can expect. We believe in a resourceful partnership with our principals and want to be judged by how well we :

    • Deliver our best in class solutions to the customers we serve
    • Develop our long-term relationships as partners of choice
    • Build competitive advantage for the businesses we represent

    Quality Statement

    We will reach mutual agreements with the customers we serve and the manufacturers we represent :

    • To Customers, we will honor all our commitments.
    • To Manufacturers, we will add value to all that we do on their behalf.


Aakash Powertech Pvt Ltd. (APPL) is focused on National & International Marketing Of Electric Cables, Motors, Transformers & Cooling Towers.

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