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    Suppliers, Distributors, and Exporters of Sector Lugs

    We Supply, Distribute and Export a wide range of Sector Lugs to our numerous clients in India and Globally. Our range of Lugs is well known among the clients for its optimum performance, superior finish, and strength.


    Latest Compacted sector shaped multi-stranded conductors/cables are thinner than comparable lineages. Hence conventional tubular cable lugs and connectors usually have too much play- a considerable safety risk. This has led to design of sector shaped lugs due to huge demand globally of sector shaped cables. The following difficulties occur with sector shaped conductors when round connecting material is applied to sector shaped conductors/cables.

    • Often both cables lugs and conductors, are deformed or the conductors break
    • Increase In Heating And Contact Resistance.
    • Reduction In Conductivity.
    • Pin holes in the crimped cross-sectional area


    • No pin holes in the cross-sectional area.
    • Reduction in contact resistance.
    • Reduction in heat generation.
    • Increase in conductivity.
    • Increase in contact surface area.
    • Approx. 10 % reduction in losses during transmission


    The basic construction of these lugs are similar to tubular lugs and..

    • Lugs have a compact sector profile.
    • Made to exactly fit the modern compact sector shape cables.
    • Available in all core and size of sector cables as different cores of cables will have different lugs as below.
    • 2 Core Cable = 2 Core Lug
    • 3 Core Cable = 3 Core Lug
    • 3.5 Core Cable = 3.5 Core Lug
    • 4 Core Cable = 4 Core Lug




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