Cast Resin Transformers

    Suppliers, Distributors, and Exporters of Cast Resin Transformers
    (Dry Type Transformers)

    We are highly recognized for our best range of Cast Resin Transformers and we are listed among the top most Suppliers, Exporters, and Distributors of Cast Resin Transformers in India, UAE and Africa. This Transformer is acknowledged by our clients for its reliable performance.


    These transformers can be installed wherever oil filled units cannot be used such as inside buildings, in tunnels, cranes, off shore platforms, ground catchment areas, public places etc.


    • Range up to 33KV and up to 3000KVA
    • Cast resin dry type transformer
    • Off-circuit tap changer or On-load tap changer
    • Class F and H insulation
    • HV Delta connected, LV Star connected with Dyn 11 vector group
    • Natural air cooling and forced air cooling
    • Duty cycle – continuous
    • Winding- copper duly resin casted
    • Enclosure - IP 23 to IP 33 and as per customer specifications
    • Cable boxes on HV and LV
    • Painting shades as per IS and IEC standards or as per customer requirements
    Standard Fittings
    • Rating and diagram plate
    • Earthing terminals - 2
    • Off-circuit tap links
    • Enclosure - IP 23 with cooling louvers
    • Lifting lugs
    • Jacking lugs
    Optional Accessories
    • PT-100 sensors in each coil
    • Winding temperature scanner with alarm and trip coil


    • High rise Buildings
    • Commercial Complexes
    • Industries
    • OEMs
    • Railway & Metros
    • Oil & Gas
    • Hydro projects



    Contact us for more information on Cast Resin Transformers or to discuss your requirements. Enquiries are solicited for India, UAE and Africa on following Email id


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