Compact Substation

    Suppliers, Distributors, and Exporters of Compact Substation Transformers

    We are highly recognized for our best range of Compact Substation Transformers and we are listed among the top most Suppliers, Exporters, and Distributors of Cast Resin Transformers in India, UAE and Africa. This Transformer is acknowledged by our clients for its reliable performance.


    Compact Sub-Station (CSS/PSS) comprises of factory built sheet metal enclosure housing MV Switchgear, Transformer, LT Switchgear, Power Factor Correction System, and other site specific requirement.

    Space occupied by CSS will be only approx. 1/4 th of the space required for an open installation. It can be installed in the basement, yard or on the roof top.

    Compact Sub- Station answers many important considerations of Architects-Aesthetics (no hanging and sagging wires, otherwise, give a clumsy look), Low Space requirement, safety, Easy and quick installation.


    Ring Main Unit (RMU ) Oil Filled Transformer or Dry type/Cast Resin transformer Incomer air circuit breaker and distribution MCCBs with built in over current and short circuit protection
    Internal Lighting Internal Lighting Metering (Voltmeter and ammeter with selector switches)
    Compartment fitted with lockable swing handle and three point latch Cable/ bus bars for HV and LV Circuit breaker connection Electrical Indicators
    Over current & earth fault protection Current transformer for metering internal lighting
    Door Limit switch Louvered Covers Space heater with thermostat control
    Boots for cable termination Auxiliary supply plug & socket
    Compartment fitted with lockable swing handle and three point latch


    • Residential Projects
    • Commercial buildings
    • Pharma Companies
    • Hospitals
    • Mining Companies
    • Solar Power Plants



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