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    Aakash Power is a Global Supplier, Exporter, and Distributor of Brake Motors, delivering complete motor solutions to the world’s most demanding industries. Our Brake Motors are approved by the international set of standards.


    Brake motors are ideal for applications that require immediate, accurate and safe stops, position control and energy saving. The brake motor is suitable for many different applications, such as load elevators, hoists, shears, machining equipment, looms, packaging machines, conveyors, washing and bottling machines, bending machines, among others.

    The brake motors are simple & rugged & so easy for maintenance. No separate DC supply is required as the rectifier is provided which gives the required DC voltage for energisation of the brake. The rectifier is mounted inside the main terminal box so no separate terminal box required.

    Range Of Brake Motors

    • KW : 0.093 to 15.0 kW
    • RPM : 3000, 1500, 1000, 750
    • Mounting : Foot (B3), flange (B5), face (B14) & combinations
    • Frame : 63 to 160L
    • Voltage : 415V or as required
    • Frequency : 50Hz
    • Braking torque : Upto 250Nm
    • Brake coil voltage : 190V DC (Other voltages on request)
    • Degree of protection : IP54
    • Duty cycle : S1 – S8


    DC brake motors are provided with a rectifier which provides the required DC voltage to the brake coil which in turn operates the brake. The supply to the rectifier is fed from any two terminals (between any two phases) in the main terminal box of the motor.

    When the power to the motor is switched off, a braking torque is generated which presses the armature plate of the brake against the mounting flange. When the supply resumes, a magnetic field is produced in the brake coil and this pulls the armature plate against the spring force and the shaft is now free to rotate.

    Manual release lever It allows the motor shaft to be released in emergency cases or power outages. It can be supplied for motors upto frame 200L.

    mounting brake

    Above Drawing shows the mounting of a brake

    DC braking

    Above drawing shows DC Braking

    As a standard DC brakes responds the needs of most applications, they are more widely used. A rectifier when used with DC Brake, changes the AC input current waveform to DC. The standard DC brake coil voltage is 190 V DC.

    The brake torque determines the stopping time of the load & the holding power of the brake


    Brake Motors are used for various applications where instantaneous stopping of the driven load is required. The operation of the brake is “FAIL SAFE TYPE” i.e. normally ON. When the electrical power to the motor is cut–off or the power fails, the brake is applied.

    Brake motors can be used in many applications. A few of them are listed below;

    • Machine tools
    • Textile machinery
    • Cranes & hoists
    • Printing Machinery
    • Material handling equipments
    • Geared motors
    • Cable reeling drums
    • Rolling mills


    Brake motor

    The Brakes are rated by torque & selection of suitable model can be made by calculating the required torque, rating of the brake & then matching it with static torque.

    • Torque (Nm) = 9550 x (KW / RPM) x Safety Factor (SF)
    • where kW-Kilowatts of motor,
    • RPM-Speed of motor,
    • SF-Safety Factor depending on type of prime mover & load.
    • For electric motor, SF = 2 to 3
    • For diesel engine, SF = 4 to 5
    • For compressor, SF = 5 to 6.


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