Smoke Spill Motor

    Smoke Spill Motor


    Smoke spill motors are designed to withstand required operation at elevated temperature. Smoke Extraction Motors comply mechanically and electrically with the requirements laid down European Standard – EN12101-3 (Specification for powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators).

    Motors in conformity with this standard are able to provide daily ventilation, as well as for driving smoke extraction fans in a fire/emergency condition. In fire emergency condition, they must be effective in creating a smoke-free area near the floor allowing possible evacuation and rescue of people and animals, as well as ensuring property protection and allowing that fires could be fought in their initial stages. These systems also help eliminating hot gases produced by combustion in the first stages of the fire.


    Frame Size 80 to 280
    Rating 0.37 KW to 93 KW
    Poles 2,4 & 6
    Duty S1
    Class of Insulation H Class
    Type of Cooling IC418 (Air over Motor), IC411 (TEFC)
    Mounting IMB3/IMB5 or any other type as per requirement
    Specification BS EN:12101-3
    Efficiency IE2/IE3

    Operation in the event of fire

    In addition to normal duty, operation in the event of a fire as specified in EN 12101-3 is available. At the end of the fire incident, the motor may be unfit for normal duty. It is therefore specified that the motor is removed and overhauled or replaced with a new motor.

    In the event of a fire, any "thermal motor protection" must be deactivated.



    Cast Iron as according to IEC 60034-1 with cast iron bearing plates & IP 55 protection

    Insulation System

    Special insulation systems adopted to the respective temperature/time classes. Maximum thermal utilisation to temperature class F

    Termination System

    Protruding cable casing, without connection box with cover plate or nozzle cap. Cable length depends on shaft size. Special versions of connecting cables are available on request. The equipment is earthed with a protruding cable.


    Special bearing systems are used that are used that are matched to the respective temperature classes. Deep groove bearings of series 62 or 63 without play are used depending on the fire classes F200/F300, F400 and the frame sizes.

    The nominal life of L10h (Fan drive) is atleast 20,000 hours at full load rated load.

    The motors of frame sizes 80 to 250 generally have bearings that are greased for life.



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